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Administrative Support

Our dedicated staff is well versed in the complex process of care-provider employment, allowing us to take on your administrative duties. This lets you stay focused on what really matters; taking care of your loved ones.


We understand the dedication full-time care takes, and we’re committed to being a compassionate and trusted partner. Our diligence ensures prompt hiring processes and accurate payments to your care providers.

Day Care and Transportation

We work with Regional Centers to authorize the cost of day care and transportation services. This process is tailored to result in rapid enrollment and monthly reimbursements for you and your family.

Personal Assistance

Similar to Respite, once your family chooses a Personal Assistant we implement an efficient and rapid hiring process. This system takes only a few days from when we receive a completed Care Provider Enrollment Packet.

Agency Staffing Services

Our full-time staffing department does all the hiring work for you: taking care of paperwork, timesheets, certifications, and other staffing processes. This leaves you with a wide variety of qualified candidates. Inquire for areas served.

Financial Management Services

On your behalf, Premier will make the payments for Regional Center services and supports, whether in the traditional system or Self Determination. Spend time with your family making memories instead of decisions.

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These resources have been provided for your convenience. Please contact our office if you have any questions.
California Department of Developmental Services

California Regional Centers

Consumer and Applicant Appeals Procedure Questions

DDS Phone

(916) 654-1987

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Harassment, Disability & Prevention Policy

Premier Healthcare Services is an equal opportunity employer. The Company is committed to providing a work environment free of harassment, discrimination, retaliation and disrespectful or other unprofessional conduct based on sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or related medical conditions), race, religion (including religious dress and grooming practices), color, gender (including gender identity and gender expression), national origin (including language use restrictions and possession of a driver’s license issued under Vehicle Code section 12801.9), ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, registered domestic partner status, age, sexual orientation, military and veteran status or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law or ordinance or regulation. It also prohibits discrimination, harassment, disrespectful or unprofessional conduct based on the perception that anyone has any of those characteristics, or is associated with a person who has or is perceived as having any of those characteristics.


In addition, the Company prohibits retaliation against individuals who raise complaints of discrimination or harassment or who participate in workplace investigations.All such conduct violates Company policy.

Harassment Prevention

The Company’s policy prohibiting harassment applies to all persons involved in the operation of Premier Healthcare Services. The Company prohibits harassment, disrespectful or unprofessional conduct by any team member of the Company, including supervisors, managers and co-workers. The Company’s anti-harassment policy also applies to vendors, customers, independent contractors, unpaid interns, volunteers, persons providing services pursuant to a contract and other persons with whom you come into contact while working.


Prohibited harassment, disrespectful or unprofessional conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following behavior:

  • Verbal conduct such as epithets, derogatory jokes or comments, slurs or unwanted sexual advances, invitations, comments, posts or messages;
  • Visual displays such as derogatory and/or sexually-oriented posters, photography, cartoons, drawings or gestures;
  • Physical conduct including assault, unwanted touching, intentionally blocking normal movement or interfering with work because of sex, race or any other protected basis;
  • Threats and demands to submit to sexual requests or sexual advances as a condition of continued employment, or to avoid some other loss and offers of employment benefits in return for sexual favors;
  • Retaliation for reporting or threatening to report harassment; and Communication via electronic media of any type that includes any conduct that is prohibited by state and/ or federal law or by company policy.

Sexual harassment does not need to be motivated by sexual desire to be unlawful or to violate this policy. For example, hostile acts toward a team member because of his/her gender can amount to sexual harassment, regardless of whether the treatment is motivated by sexual desire.


Prohibited harassment is not just sexual harassment but harassment based on any protected category.


The Company is committed to compliance with all applicable laws providing equal employment opportunities. This commitment applies to all persons involved in Premier operations. The Company prohibits unlawful discrimination against any job applicant, team member or unpaid intern by any team member of the Company, including supervisors and coworkers.


Pay discrimination between team members of the opposite sex performing substantially similar work, as defined by the California Fair Pay Act and federal law, is prohibited. Pay differentials may be valid in certain situations defined by law. Team members will not be retaliated against for inquiring about or discussing wages. However, the Company is not obligated to disclose the wages of other team members.


The Company will not retaliate against you for filing a complaint or participating in any workplace investigation and will not tolerate or permit retaliation by management, team members or co-workers.


Reasonable Accommodation

Discrimination can also include failing to reasonably accommodate religious practices or qualified individuals with disabilities where the accommodation does not pose an undue hardship.


To comply with applicable laws ensuring equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals with a disability, the Company will make reasonable accommodations for the known physical or mental limitations of an otherwise qualified individual with a disability who is an applicant or a team member unless undue hardship would result.


Any job applicant or team member who requires an accommodation in order to perform the essential functions of the job should contact a Company representative with day-to-day personnel responsibilities and discuss the need for an accommodation. The Company will engage in an interactive process with the team member to identify possible accommodations, if any that will help the applicant or team member perform the job. An applicant, team member or unpaid intern who requires an accommodation of a religious belief or practice (including religious dress and grooming practices, such as religious clothing or hairstyles) should also contact a Company representative with day-to-day personnel responsibilities and discuss the need for an accommodation. If the accommodation is reasonable and will not impose an undue hardship, the Company will make the accommodation.


The Company will not retaliate against you for requesting a reasonable accommodation and will not knowingly tolerate or permit retaliation by management, team members or co-workers.

Complaint Process

If you believe that you have been the subject of harassment, discrimination, retaliation or other prohibited conduct, bring your complaint to your supervisor or to Human Resources, Regional Management, or a Vice President as soon as possible after the incident. You can bring your complaint to any of these individuals. If you need assistance with your complaint, or if you prefer to make a complaint in person, contact Human Resources, Regional Management, or a Vice President. Please provide all known details of the incident or incidents, names of individuals involved and names of any witnesses. It would be best to communicate your complaint in writing, but this is not mandatory.


The Company encourages all individuals to report any incidents of harassment, discrimination, retaliation or other prohibited conduct forbidden by this policy immediately so that complaints can be quickly and fairly resolved.


You also should be aware that the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing investigate and prosecute complaints of prohibited harassment, discrimination and retaliation in employment. If you think you have been harassed or discriminated against or that you have been retaliated against for resisting, complaining or participating in an investigation, you may file a complaint with the appropriate agency. The nearest office can be found by visiting the agency websites at www.dfeh.ca.gov and www.eeoc.gov.


Supervisors must refer all complaints involving harassment, discrimination, retaliation or other prohibited conduct to Human Resources, Regional Management, or a Vice President of Premier Healthcare Services so the Company can try to resolve the complaint.


When Premier Healthcare Services receives allegations of misconduct, it will immediately undertake a fair, timely, thorough and objective investigation of the allegations in accordance with all legal requirements. The Company will reach reasonable conclusions based on the evidence collected.


The Company will maintain confidentiality to the extent possible. However, the Company cannot promise complete confidentiality. Premier’s duty to investigate and take corrective action may require the disclosure of information to individuals with a need to know.


Complaints will be:

  • Responded to in a timely manner
  • Kept confidential to the extent possible
  • Investigated impartially by qualified personnel in a timely manner
  • Documented and tracked for reasonable progress
  • Given appropriate options for remedial action and resolution
  • Closed in a timely manner


If Premier Healthcare Services determines that harassment, discrimination, retaliation or other prohibited conduct has occurred, appropriate and effective corrective and remedial action will be taken in accordance with the circumstances involved. The Company also will take appropriate action to deter future misconduct.


Any team member determined by Premier Healthcare Services to be responsible for harassment, discrimination, retaliation or other prohibited conduct will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to, and including termination. Team members should also know that if they engage in unlawful harassment, they can be held personally liable for the misconduct.

Community Events

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Sick Leave Notice – Southern CA

Sick Leave Notice – Southern CA

download PDF

City of Los Angeles

download PDF

City of San Diego

download PDF

Sick Leave Notice – Northern CA

Sick Leave Notice – Northern CA

download PDF

Sick Leave Notice – City of San Francisco

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Sick Leave Notice – City of Oakland

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Sick Leave Notice – City of Emeryville

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Pregnancy Disability Leave Notice


If you are pregnant, have a related medical condition, or are recovering from childbirth, PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE.


California law protects employees against discrimination or harassment because of an employee’s pregnancy, childbirth or any related medical condition (referred to below as “because of pregnancy”). California also law prohibits employers from denying or interfering with an employee’s pregnancy-related employment rights.


Your employer has an obligation to:

  • Reasonably accommodate your medical needs related to pregnancy, childbirth or related conditions (such as temporarily modifying your work duties, providing you with a stool or chair, or allowing more frequent breaks);
  • Transfer you to a less strenuous or hazardous position (where one is available) or duties if medically needed because of your pregnancy; and
  • Provide you with pregnancy disability leave (PDL) of up to four months (the working days you normally would work in one-third of a year or 17⅓ weeks) and return you to your same job when you are no longer disabled by your pregnancy or, in certain instances, to a comparable job. Taking PDL, however, does not protect you from nonleave related employment actions, such as a layoff.
  • Provide a reasonable amount of break time and use of a room or other location in close proximity to the employee’s work area to express breast milk in private as set forth in Labor Code section 1030, et seq.

For pregnancy disability leave: 

  • PDL is not for an automatic period of time, but for the period of time that you are disabled by pregnancy. Your health care provider determines how much time you will need.
  • Once your employer has been informed that you need to take PDL, your employer must guarantee in writing that you can return to work in your same position if you request a written guarantee. Your employer may require you to submit written medical certification from your health care provider substantiating the need for your leave.
  • PDL may include, but is not limited to, additional or more frequent breaks, time for prenatal or postnatal medical appointments, doctor-ordered bed rest, “severe morning sickness,” gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, preeclampsia, recovery from childbirth or loss or end of pregnancy, and/or post-partum depression.Notice A YOUR RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS AS A PREGNANT EMPLOYEE Page 2 DFEH-100-20 (11/12)
  • PDL does not need to be taken all at once but can be taken on an as-needed basis as required by your health care provider, including intermittent leave or a reduced work schedule, all of which counts against your four month entitlement to leave.
  • Your leave will be paid or unpaid depending on your employer’s policy for other medical leaves. You may also be eligible for state disability insurance or Paid Family Leave (PFL), administered by the California Employment Development Department.
  • At your discretion, you can use any vacation or other paid time off during your PDL.
  • Your employer may require or you may choose to use any available sick leave during your PDL.
  • Your employer is required to continue your group health coverage during your PDL at the level and under the conditions that coverage would have been provided if you had continued in employment continuously for the duration of your leave.
  • Taking PDL may impact certain of your benefits and your seniority date; please contact your employer for details.

Notice obligations as an Employee:

  • Give your employer reasonable notice: To receive reasonable accommodation, obtain a transfer, or take PDL, you must give your employer sufficient notice for your employer to make appropriate plans – 30 days advance notice if the need for the reasonable accommodation, transfer or PDL is foreseeable, otherwise as soon as practicable if the need is an emergency or unforeseeable.
  • Provide a Written Medical Certification from Your Health Care Provider. Except in a medical emergency where there is no time to obtain it, your employer may require you to supply a written medical certification from your health care provider of the medical need for your reasonable accommodation, transfer or PDL. If the need is an emergency or unforeseeable, you must provide this certification within the time frame your employer requests, unless it is not practicable for you to do so under the circumstances despite your diligent, good faith efforts. Your employer must provide at least 15 calendar days for you to submit the certification. See your employer for a copy of a medical certification form to give to your health care provider to complete.
  • PLEASE NOTE that if you fail to give your employer reasonable advance notice or, if your employer requires it, written medical certification of your medical need, your employer may be justified in delaying your reasonable accommodation, transfer, or PDL.

This notice is a summary of your rights and obligations under the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). For more information about your rights and obligations as a pregnant employee, contact your employer, visit the Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s Web site at www.dfeh.ca.gov, or contact the Department at (800) 884-1684. The text of the FEHA and the regulations interpreting it are available on the Department’s Web site. 

DFEH-100-20 (11/12)

"I would like to say thank you in advance for all that you do, simply because its rare to find individuals who are so committed to their jobs. I feel that your representation reminds me of what integrity looks like in today's time! Thank you once again for your continued due diligence! I really appreciate it!”

C.T., NBRC parent

“Thank you for your generous gift of school supplies—your contribution helps to further the important work of our organization and helped prepare 250 children with the supplies they need for academic success. We look forward to working with you in the future to continue to make the lives of those we serve brighter.”

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“I’m very touched by the way your company cares. Your team members inspire me to look at life differently. Continue doing the small things that go a long way.”


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Culver City

6133 Bristol Parkway, Suite 350
Culver City, CA 90230
Phone: (866) 428-1730
Fax: (866) 721-3260

San Jose

1210 S. Bascom Ave, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: (855) 288-6701
Fax: (877) 689-2184

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Fax: (855) 805-5307

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